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Divestiture Services

Paschal Land and Energy, Inc. (“Paschal”) represents sellers of oil and gas assets and we provide a full line of divestiture services directed at maximizing the value of your assets and preparing them for divestment.

Paschal will determine the current market value of your properties by performing our own in-house evaluation at no cost to you. Once we have provided you with a written evaluation, you can then make an informed decision about whether or not you want to proceed with a divestiture. If you decide to sell, then Paschal will package, market, negotiate and close the sale of your properties for the maximum price the market will pay, in close cooperation with you.

Upon the successful completion of a sale, Paschal obtains a previously-agreed-upon commission. Therefore, Paschal’s interests are aligned with those of our sellers’ in that we aim to obtain the highest price possible for the properties we represent.

Additionally, Paschal utilizes the services of outside legal counsel as necessary to insure our sellers are fully protected. The attorney’s we use are licensed to practice law in their respective state or jurisdiction and specialize in oil and gas matters.

Paschal also performs a wide range of land services for its clients upon request.

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